Natalia Cabrera

Natalia Cabrera is a filmmaker and media artist focused on interactive narratives. Her work expands from documentary filmmaking and interactive installations to virtual worlds and augmented reality applications. She has worked as an interactive narrative designer on "Memorial Rocks AR" and directed "Hypha", a virtual reality experience about the fungi world, premiered at Sundance New Frontier 2020. She is currently co-directing "Symbiotica" a collective virtual reality experience about symbiosis as a metaphor for a shift towards the common good; and "Echo Blast" a virtual reality video game that uses echolocation as a device to navigate the world as bats do. Hypha, experiencia de realidad virtual sobre el mundo fungi, estrenada en Sundance New Frontier 2020. Actualmente codirige Symbiotica, experiencia colectiva de realidad virtual sobre la simbiosis como metáfora para un cambio hacia el bien común; y “Echo Blast” videojuego de realidad virtual que utiliza la ecolocalización como dispositivo para navegar el mundo encarnando a una murciélaga.