Jimmy Cheng

Jimmy Cheng focuses on the acquisition and licensing of XR content as the Director of Content & Business Operations at Digital Domain Holdings Limited in Hong Kong / USA. Representing over 170 XR studios (Atlas V / Baobab / Secret Location / etc.) and servicing Oculus TV and 10 global telecoms (Orange / Deutsche Telecom / LG U+ / Softbank / etc.) for finding suitable distribution / licensing opportunities. The distribution / licensing model of XR content was immature until 2019, which is why he saw the opportunity to form a solid business model for supporting the creators / studios to distribute their projects and generate reasonable revenue. From November 2018 till today, he has signed over US$ 2.5M as licensing fee from all the licensing deals to support the XR ecosystem / licensing model growing more mature. Prior to being in charge of content licensing, he was hired by Digital Domain Holdings Limited as Director of Business Operations in Hong Kong, mainly focused on the daily operation, and restructuring for subsidiaries under DDHL. He has been deployed to Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Taiwan for the integration and collaboration between Hong Kong HQ and each subsidiary.