Documental Transmedia

Yugo Yugo is a documentary animation project about the organic adaptation of industrial capitalism in Latin America and its environmental consequences. It is a transmedia project that has 3 components: animated short film, serious virtual reality interactive (serious VR) and web documentary (web doc). This project tells the story of a couple of anonymous industrial workers, who must face migration, work and illness. The protagonists of this story are peasants; a man and a woman, who create an informal metal-mechanic workshop in a peripheral area of Bogotá, where they make heavy vehicle parts. The central idea of this project is to situate the story of this couple in a socio-economic structure that shapes their destiny. In this sense, Yugo Yugo proposes a look at the production of the social body and its relationship with the production of individual bodies, in order to establish a metaphorical panorama between the social order and the biological order. Yugo accounts for the transformation of bodies through work and the burden that is assumed by being part of the material reproduction of the world.

Proyecto Ganador del Premio Mentoría Mediamorfosis


Carlos Gómez Salamanca



Juan Pablo Gómez Salamanca