Antonia Valenzuela

Journalist by profession, with studies in humanities. She has worked in magazines, media agencies, and for the main cultural governmental entity in Chile.

During the last 12 years, she has specialized in cultural management, enabling the development of various initiatives, one of the most relevant being SurDocs Documentary Film Festival which had a 12-version cycle. The International Documentary Film Festival DocsValparaiso, subsidiary of the International Documentary Film Festival DocsBarcelona, where she was the Executive Producer for 4 years, leading jointly the festival and the DocsBarcelona Documentary Film of the Month distribution network, in several regions of the country.

She is currently the Executive Producer of Mediamorfosis, a Latin American event that emerged from professionals in the communications and audiovisual industry’s need to rethink new ways of communicating within the media, film and advertising, through experts, business roundtables and workshops, among other activities.