30 julio - 12:00 CL | 13:00 AR | 11:00 CO

The Acceleration Of Digital Hybridization In Narratives

The pandemic made the population digitally literate and the need for subsistence accelerated a change that was in process, so the audiovisual industry and other traditional arts such as theater, radio, and dance, had to adapt to hybrid and interactive platforms, screens and technologies that were alien to them, with which they found new forms of expression and commercialization. In this panel, we will learn about and analyze Latin American cases and current experiences.


  • Damian Kirzner (modera)
  • María Ignacia Court
  • José María Muscari
  • Javier Acuña
  • Juan Baquero Romero


Event Participants

Damian Kirzner

Director of Mediamorfosis

María Ignacia Court

Executive Director for Mucha Media

Javier Acuña

Creator of 'Alternativa, Comunidad en Escena'

Juan Baquero Romero

Director of RTVCPlay

José María Muscari

Actor, Playwright and Director

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