31 julio - 12:00 CL | 13:00 AR | 11:00 CO

The Pandemic's Global Impact On Expanded Narratives (XR)

XR was expanding when the pandemic broke out in the world. How did Covid-19 impact the development of the industry? What happened to the user's consumption habits, to the business and to the work of professionals? In this panel, a leading group of specialists from around the world analyze the reality of XR in the USA, EUROPE and the UK.


  • Adam Sigel
  • Chris Moran
  • Mike Monello
  • Sara Bozinac

Event Participants

Adam Sigel

Writer and Producer for Cutbait Productions

Chris Moran

Head of Editorial Innovation for The Guardian

Michael Monello

Co-Founder and Creative Director in Campfire

Sara Bozanic

CEO of Institute for Transmedia Design

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