29 julio - 12:00 CL | 13:00 AR | 11:00 CO

Desafíos de la Adopción Tecnológica de XR en Chile

How these technologies' adoption can be translated into sustainable business models over time, how to monetize digital content, public-private initiatives and the role of the State as a promoter of the use and adoption of new technologies, are some of the topics that will be discussed in this panel that will address these opportunities from different perspectives.


  • Felipe Mujica (modera)
  • Alejandra Ferrari
  • Óscar Cartagena
  • José Guridi
  • Ricardo Lira

Event Participants

Felipe Mujica

CEO in Chile Creativo

Alejandra Ferrari

CEO in ACHAP (Asociación Chilena de

Oscar Cartagena

Founder and President of Chilean Association of Immersive Experiences

José Guridi

Head of FAST from Ministry of Economy

Ricardo Lira

Executive Director, Creative Industries Technology Revolution Center

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