Disponible del 26 julio al 01 agosto


General Coordinator by Alejandro Tantanian
Año 2020

Proyecto.Zip is made up of ten works of different formats that reach the spectator's home through Alternativa Comunidad en Escena's new virtual platform. Arising from the poetic will to steer a complex artistic reality, each proposal has its own findings and styles, constellations and unique connections that converge to give rise to this eclectic project: 10 proposals -dissimilar in form but not in spirit- to open spaces in a reality that seemed closed, and that will undoubtedly transform the perception of the places where we circulate daily.

General Coordination:
Alejandro Tantanian

Autores y directores:
Martín Antuña
Julieta Ascar
Lolo Avegliano
Paula Cancela
Silvia Ceriani
Matías Dínenzon
Zoe Di Rienzo
Pablo Flehner
Valentino Grizutti
Estrella Herrera
Jonathan Monroig
María Belén Moretti
Esteban Pucheta
Ana Lucía Rodriguez
Julia Tomasini
German Tosto

Plataforma tecnológica:
Alternativa Comunidad en Escena