Disponible del 26 julio al 01 agosto


Directed by Karina Acuña and Produced by Shift Active
Año 2021

Face an unparalleled adventure with the first AR adventure video game for a museum in Colombia. Advance through each level, discover environments full of history from watering holes, mountains, toy stores, and have fun solving each puzzle.

Use Malu's magic staff to defeat enemies and dodge attacks. Unlock the padlocked doors to take the objects, complete the mission and pass to the next level. Be careful with each trap, these will increase on each level, they are designed to hurt you and drain energy and health. In the charm book you will be able to see your progress, in the codex you must save the objects you recover in each level, you will be able to see it in AR, and thus earn badges.

You will be able to know what objects are inside the codex, and in which region of the country they are located, learning about Colombia’s cultural heritage. All this inside the charm book.


Colombia’s Museums Digital Enhancement, Winners