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Directed and Produced by Diego Kompel
Año 2018

This short 360° documentary offers us a warm glimpse into the flows of family life over time and generations. Through 360° video technology, we are invited into the intimate surroundings of grandparents' living and dining rooms. A home that once hosted bustling family gatherings is brought back to life with home video projections inside. In this way, a family's timeline over decades is ordered and made visible, reviving traces of grandparents and great-grandparents, aunts and cousins, young children and first steps in the very space where these memories were made. The inhabited house is a melancholic meditation on the textures of the familiar, and the way in which the interconnectedness of relationships are the threads that make life. By delving into the archive of home videos, the project recalls the tradition of older technologies such as film tapes and slide projectors for sharing and transmitting family legacies.

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The Inhabited House Trailer 2020 from Diego Kompel on Vimeo.


IDFA DocLab 2019
Tribeca Immersive 2020