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Directed by 4direcciones Audiovisual
Año 2019

Kaji, Sacred Coca is a visual and auditory journey into the Territory of the Jaguars of the Yurupari where its inhabitants keep alive a fourteen thousand-year-old tradition based on their intimate relationship with this master plant. This immersive virtual reality documentary is both an ethnographic and spiritual exploration of the daily life and rituals of the Barasano, Tatuyo and Makuna, nations that live in the Pira Paraná River, Vaupés, in northwestern Amazonia.

En KAJÍ, the men collect the leaves in their chagra and prepare the "mambe" inside the huge Malocas, where they later share it in a circle of word and thought; the feminine universe is that of food, where the women daily harvest the yucca brava with which they prepare the cassava and prepare it in the Casa Grande at the same time with the “mambe”. These daily activities are crossed by Reynel Ortega's sacred songs that run through the black water rivers, call the butterflies, bid farewell to the day and greet the night. KAJÍ explores the alchemy between cutting-edge technological tools, non-linear narratives, the healing properties of sound and the traditional knowledge of the Amazon, to hopefully create a transformative experience for the viewer.

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Winner of Best Virtual Reality piece at the BAM (Bogotá Audiovisual Market
Selected for the VGM Venice in October 2018
Selected for the first Virtual Reality showcase at FICCI (Cartagena Film Festival) 2019.