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Esta experiencia solo podrás vivirla con casco VR


Directed and Produced by Amir Admoni & Fabito Rychter
Año 2020

Gravity VR is a 15-minute interactive virtual reality short film. The story takes place in a surreal world with no ground, where everything that exists is forever falling. And so is the player. Although everything is falling at maximum speed, the feelings are peaceful. In this world without walls, horizon, and disorientation, there is no vertigo or fear. The sensation is of zero gravity. Gravity VR es el fin de sus jornadas.

Esta experiencia solo está disponible en inglés


New Images Festival (Francia) – Special Jury Prize. Kaohsiung Film Festival (Taiwan) – Special Jury Mention. Vrham (Alemania) – People’s Choice Award
Fine Arts Film Festival (Eeuu) – Best Vr Narrative Award
Dead Center (Eeuu) – Virtual Cinema Visions Award
New Media (Eeuu) – Best Vr-360
Druk International Film Festival (Bután) – Best Vr And 360