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Directed by Miguel Vila and Produced by Maria del Pilar Riaño
Año 2020

It is the worst hour of all Sundays, six o'clock in the afternoon or so, when the thirty-something Sergio calls a lawyer friend and a doctor friend to tell them that not only has he met again with Helena, his love and his longtime lover, in the apartment of an acquaintance, but also that he has her by his side and he will not wake up for anything in the world. After those two awkward conversations, which deepen his anguish, Sergio sets in motion and in effect dominated a series of conversations with his friends and among his friends' friends that together portray the eternal human resistance to adulthood -a sort of real version of the game of the broken telephone whose conclusion each one hears in his own way-, until a chilling dialogue with the cuckolded husband of his beloved pushes him to leave that place once and for all.


Nominee for Best Online Audiovisual Production at India Catalina Awards 2021