Mediamorfosis Academy

In a context of transformation and digitization of the media industry, accelerated by the pandemic and the implementation of 5G, Mediamorfosis facilitates access to international training instances for the creation of innovative content through conferences, panels and workshops given by industry leaders.
For the 2021 edition, in addition to the Pitch Workshop, a series of workshops will be held during the second semester for audiovisual producers, scriptwriters, communicators, filmmakers, students and anyone interested in new formats and XR narratives.

Storytelling Inmersivo

By María Belén Poncio

​​In the digital era and the changing world we live in, new possibilities for storytelling are constantly emerging. Not only is the game open to new content and new views to rethink ourselves as a society, but also new languages, new experiences for the viewer who today becomes a "user". The stories are no longer only and necessarily linear, multiple paths and varied formats are opening up. Audiences want more freedom, they ask for more interactivity. Often it is no longer enough to just "listen, read or watch" a story, they want to "live" it, they want to have a certain power of decision, they want to be protagonists, becoming more and more active. But beyond the infinite possibilities that exist, the most important thing is to have a good story to tell.

One of the formats emerging in this context is "Virtual Reality", together with augmented reality and mixed reality, or the so-called immersive technologies, powerful formats to tell stories and to "live" them, to be "immersed" in them.

What happens when th framing stops being 16:9 and becomes 360°? Is it still cinema, or are we talking about another language? How do we rethink the way we narrate? How do we direct the viewer's gaze, making them feel that they have the freedom to see what they want? We invite you to rethink the notion of framing and to discover/construct a new language. How can we tell stories combining different formats such as virtual reality, film, and web series? How to choose the best format for a story?

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    LED BY

    María Belén Poncio

    Director, Scriptwriter and Producer for Movimiento Producciones

    Realización de Video 360°

    Por Damian Turkieh

    Durante este curso veremos los principios básicos y técnicas avanzadas para contar historias en medios inmersivos, realizaremos contenidos de live action en video 360º de forma colaborativa y producciones en tiempo real.

    Temario del curso:

    • Design and storytelling of immersive cinematic experiences.
    • Photography and 360° video recording techniques: cameras, movements, lighting. 3. Spatial sound recording techniques: microphones and recorders. Staging.
    • 360° video post-production: stitching, editing, VFX, color correction.
    • Spatial sound post-production: Ambisonic audio editing and mixing.
    • Production of content for domes and flat screens from 360° video.
    • Video volumétrico y captura de movimiento. Tipos de sensores, técnicas de captura y proecesamiento. Usos en realidad virtual, aumentada, video plano y performances.
    • Integración de live action con CGI y técnicas avanzadas de postproducción.
    • Streaming de video 360 con sonido espacial: registro 360 y plano, composicion, VFX, CGI, mezcla de audio y transmisión en tiempo real.

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      Dictado por

      Damian Turkieh

      Director de Realidad 360 Argentina

      Content Gamification

      Taught by Nicholas Fortugno

      Games function as an important storytelling medium in the 21st century, mainly because of their ability to arouse emotions and their trans-generational nature. Knowing the logic of content gamification is essential, in a context of demand for interaction from audiences.

      The module works on the key tools of game design to demonstrate how the game itself can be narrative and how user choice can be used to tell stories.

      The presentation will look at classic examples from the gamification industry to show how simple, game-based interactions create motivation and behavioral change. It will delve into the aesthetic possibilities of gaming and how stories can be built from it within a transmedia ecosystem.

      Attendees are expected to understand how to use game creation techniques to apply in operational, creative and communication tasks through a theoretical-practical methodology.

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        Dictado por

        Nicholas Fortugno

        Co-Founder in Playmatics